Dr. Rick V. Layton

RICK V. LAYTON, Ph.D., a native of Saginaw, Michigan, is the Pastor and Founder of Refreshing Point Ministries in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Having received instruction from God to begin a church in the south, Refreshing Point Ministries, a non-denominational Christ-centered ministry, began in September of 1986 with seven members. As a result of his obedience and dynamic delivery of the Word, the church experienced tremendous growth and today has a membership of more than 1,500.

Dr. Layton earned his Doctorate of Ministry Degree and later received his PH.D. in Biblical Studies from Friends International University in Merced, California. He is an affiliate of World Changers Church International where Dr Creflo A. Dollar, serves as Pastor. He also serves on the Board of Directors of CDMA in College Park, Georgia. Dr. Layton has labored for years conducting seminars, workshops, and conferences that deal with leadership, marriage and finance. His life changing messages are heard across the nation. Through these non-stop campaigns, he endeavors to see all people rise above poverty, debt and bondage. The ultimate goal for Dr. Layton and his ministry is "to bring about a point of refreshing to the believer!"

Dr. Layton is a visionary. As a man of integrity, he possesses a spirit of excellence. In addition to being a Pastor and Conference Speaker, he is the author of several books and mini books. He and his wife Barbara have seven children.