Offering Confession of Faith

Heavenly Father, we profess this day unto You that we have come into the inheritance, which You have sworn to give us. We are in the land, which You provided for us, in Jesus Christ, the Kingdom of Almighty God. We were sinners serving Satan. He was our god. But we called on the Name of Jesus, and You heard our cry and delivered us from the power of darkness and translated us into the Kingdom of Your Dear Son.

Jesus, as our Lord and High-Priest, we bring the first tenth of all our increase unto You, that we may worship the Lord, our God, with them. Father, we rejoice in all the good, which You have given to us and our households. We have heard Your Voice and have done according to all that You have commanded us.

Now, Father, as You look down from Your Holy Habitation from Heaven to bless us, as You said, in Your Word, we believe that we now receive those blessings, according to Your Word. THIS IS OUR "CONFESSION OF FAITH."

In Jesus' Name

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