Eagle Faith Partner

By becoming a partner today, you can take part in the awesome vision of spreading the Word of God with simplicity and understanding. Our goal is to teach the Word in such a way that it may be applied to your everyday life in a practical and effective manner. As we Casue a God Consciousness, we are charged with the task of changing hearts and minds of everyone we may come in contact with.

Through the financial support of our partners, this ministry is causing a God-Consciousness in the lives of thousands through the Refreshing Point Ministries television broadcasts, radio programs and conventions. We pray daily for our partners and we minister to them each month with a personal letter from Dr. Rick V. Layton.

Become a partner today and help us spread the Good News of Jesus around the world. In appreciation for your support, we will send you a free gift along with a partnership kit by mail.

Partnership Privileges

Partnership Has Its Privileges...

What is a Partner?
A partner is one who shares responsibility in some common activity with another individual or group.

Our Commitment to you includes:

- Pray on a daily basis that God's Blessing is upon you.

- Study and diligently seek the Word of God.

- An official "Eagle Partner Certificate".

- From time to time, a special gift will be offered to you for your spiritual edification and growth.

- A monthly partnership CD.

As an Eagle Faith Partner, You should:

- Pray for Barbara and I, the Refreshing Point Ministries Church Family, and Rick Layton Ministry Partners.

- Be committed to support meetings in your area.

- Lift up this ministry, the Pastor, and his family with the "words" you speak.

- Support RLM financially with your yearly and monthly gift,
"Not because I desire a gift, but desire fruit that may abound to your accounting."
Philippians 4:17

Partnership Package

Your Partnership Packages includes:

- RLM Welcome Letter

- RLM Partner Certificate

- RLM "Our Vision"

- RLM Debt Free Covenant Agreement

- RLM Partnership Discount Card (entitles you to a 20% discount on Dr. Layton's products)

- RLM Partnership Commitment