The Favor of God
(7-disc series)


Did you know that the favor of God ensures your success in life? When God favors you,
you can be confident that you're going to have a successful outcome in every area of your
life. The Favor of God, by Dr. Rick Layton, will inspire you to walk in victory in every area of your life because God is on your side.

Season of Opportunity
(4-disc series)


Have you ever experience seasons of set-backs in your life. Well don't step back, get ready for your comeback. In a power packed series, Dr. Rick Layton will illustrate to you how to access doors that will take you into your season of opportunity.

Victory All the Time By Renewing Your Mind
(4-disc series)


Many people find themselves stuck in a rut without any clue as to how to get out of it. As a result, they often blame others or minimize their mistakes in an effort to cover up their situation. Not understanding that their circumstances will not improve without renewing their minds. In this powerful series, Dr. Rick Layton explains how important it is to renew your mind with the word of God.


Developing a Mindset for Financial Dominion
(6-disc series)


Do you want to tap into the riches of Heaven? Is there something you can do in order to get to the wealthy place that God predestined for you to have? Yes! In this dynamic series, Dr. Rick Layton will instruct you on how to develop a kingdom mindset for financial dominion.

How to Manifest the Love of God
(6-disc series)


What is the love of God? Many people think that love is only compassion towards others, but it consists of so much more. God is love and love is the power that enables every believer to walk in supernatural ability. In this series, Dr. Rick Layton teaches you how to use the love of God as a weapon to overcome the enemy in every situation you encounter.

Grace: The Power of the Gospel
(6-disc series)


Jesus paid the price for all of our past, present, and future sins. Now that's good news! He not only sacrificed His life for our sins, but His grace has made available to us everything we will ever need to be victorious in this life. In Grace: The Power of the Gospel,
Dr. Rick Layton expounds on the true gospel of grace.


Living in the Balance of Grace through Faith
(5-disc series)


Grace and faith are both vital in the believers walk with the Lord. They go hand and hand together. To put more emphasize on one and not the other will cause an imbalance in your life that will make it difficult to receive from God. In this powerful series, Dr. Rick Layton demonstrates how to combine these two powerful forces in order to receive your inheritance.


The Generation of Manifestation (It's Time To Get Your Stuff)


Christians living today make up God's generation of manifestation, while having common cultural or social characteristics and attitudes. God uses people to reveal or prove His existence and His presence in the earth. The Generation of Manifestation will become operational in your life as you yield to the Spirit of God and submit yourself to His guidance. The generation beyond must see the manifestation of God in the present generation to be successful in their task.

God's Plan For You


God's Plan For You is a modern day biblical example that the principles found in these pages can work for you, if you work them. In this book, Rick Layton shows how to accomplish and fulfill God's divine purpose for our lives and to be lifted up out of despair and mediocrity thereby motivating others to follow the same pattern and receive the same benefits. God's Plan For You is summarized into four attributes, called the Four Ds of Success: Decision - Determination - Discipline – Diligence.

Knowing God's Will For Your Life (Discovering Your Destiny)


Are you in the divine will of God? What is it God has been trying to get you to do? What is it He desires to reward you for but He has not been able to get to you? Are you living life according to the will of God or are you living a life that you planned, that you mapped out? If whatever you are doing or thinking of doing is God's plan, it will be fruitful and productive. As you walk in His will, you will increase in knowledge and wisdom to continue walking in His will.